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What is integrated Korea ON-line E-Procurement System(KONEPS)?

A single window for comprehensive information on procurement of all public organizations, providing one-click online service for governmet procurement
  • KONEPS is aiming to establish a nationwide web-based procurement system, dealing with whole procurement process including acquisition of all the information on the national procurement projects, procurement request, bids, contracting and payment for public organizations and private firms registered with KONEPS.
A device for dramatically enhancing transparency and fairness in the government procurement administration
  • KONEPS handles all procurement works electronically, thus eliminating any room for possible corruption scandal by getting rid of supplier's unnecessary visit to public office.
  • Opening the procurement information on website ensure the highest level of transparency and fairness in procurement administration.
Expanding the expertise and efficiency of Public Procurement Service(PPS) to all other public organizations
  • PPS, Korea's Central Government Procurement Agency, has accumulated the expertise and know-how of contracting techniques over the past half a century.
  • PPS transferred its professionalism to KONEPS and exported it to every other public organizations.
One of the most sophisticated e-Procurement solutions in the world, covering everything from provision of information and electronic tendering service to actual online payments
It is a cyber market place where purchasing transactions between all public organizations and private firms are made.
  • All procurement information of public organizations can be accessed by Internet through a single window
  • One time registration in KONEPS allows suppliers to participate in every public tendering
  • Information sharing system with related public organizations and associations brings about reduction in paper documents needed for procurement
  • Electronic transfer of money makes payment procedures immediate and simple
    1. 01Document Send/Receive Type Using the standard linkage solution of KONEPS, procurement information is sent and received in real time or in batches in document format
    2. 02Inquiry Service Type Only the information requested by an entity is provied in XML format in real time
    3. 03Relay Type Document relay is mediated through KONEPS between procurement info company and supplier
    According to UN survey assessing the e-Government progress of its member states, Korea is in a group reaching the high level of e-Government realisation, of transactional stage of e-Government where users can actually pay for services and other transactions online.

PPS endeavored to digitalize the whole process of public procurement in the 2000s. As a result, e-procurement system was introduced as part of e-government initiative in 2002.

The annual contracting volume in the Korean public procurement market amounts to about KRW 116.9 trillion and 66.8% or KRW 78.1 trillion were conducted via KONEPS in 2016 (according to PPS Korea Statistics in Dec. 2017).
Since 1997, PPS has streamlined procurement procedures and developed digitalized procurement system including e-tendering and e-shopping mall.

PPS is the first to adopt the electronic bidding system in KOREA and the fourth in the world

  • EDI was introduced to all procurement process
  • It is now conducting almost 88 %of all its transactions electronically.
  • PPS electronic bidding system opened in November, 2000 has been used 54,400 times by 1,706 public organizations and 8.22 million suppliers.
  • Especially 2002, the usage by public organizations has increased 13 times in the number of users and 52 times in the number of suppliers.
  • PPS is the first to adopt the electronic bidding system in KOREA and the fourth in the world.
  • PPS runs e-mall, a combination of EDI system and internet shopping mall.
  • The total supplies procured through e-mall('01.3~'02.9) : 24,532 items including office supplies, Excellent Quality Products and cultural products etc, amounting to 7.7 trillion won(US$ 6.4 billion)
  • About 92% of supplies which more than 24,000 public organizations requested have been procured through e-mall.
  • Since last June, 158,015 times of e-Payment have been executed, amounting to 7.7 trillion won. And suppliers could get their payment within 4 hours after requesting the payment.

Features of KONEPS

Specialty - Competitiveness of Government
  • All the efficiencies and specialties of governmental procurement, accumulated for the period of 50 years are at the site of Nara Market Place. The information sourcing & offering functions necessary for the public procurement are fortified, and the advanced evaluation method is introduced also, so that the right company can be selected.
Efficiency - Perfect On-Line System
  • Only one-time registration enables the company to take part into all the public tender. KONEPS is an one-stop electronic system in which all the procurement procedures are processed from the purchase decision to the payment first in the world.
Transparency - Clean Govrnment
  • All the public procurement information is open on Internet Site.
    • In addition, all the situations of procurement procedure can be informed any time and any place, and thus the transparency of governmental procurement is enhanced because the way of order and the contract contents can be compared by governmental organization
Convenience - Speed Management
  • Once Internet is connected, you can work conveniently in the room or in the office any time. The complicated works such as tender information acquisition, company registration, contract, and payment, ,otherwise directly processed by visiting each governmental organization, are drastically simplified to save the time and cost of the customer.
  • KONEPS makes it possible to save the amount of three trillion and two thousand billion wons nationally per year. As a result of this, the stepping stone for the realization of small government and open government was provided.
Security - Safe System
  • Security is more fortified by applying nation-proved coded algorism(PKI) and a certified service. The best advanced system is designed. Therefore, the service is provided without any stop even if the system is out of order because important electronic resources are composed doubly
Future - Leading e-Government
  • Public Procurement Service is paving the road for the advanced electronic government.
    • Our government is doing its best to take off as an advanced information-oriented country and realize the electronic government that can provide one-stop service for 24 hours and 365 days. The promotion of electronic government is to enhance the life-quality of people by providing the people with the advanced administrative service. Also, PPS has been making efforts to develop the service-system development for the people which is appropriate to the digital age. KONEPS , a one-click public procurement service, is recognized as the representative service in realizing the electronic government of Republic of Korea.
    • Data Linkage with External Data System.