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PPS Administrator Lee on Visit to KBIZ
Writer : 신지형 Read : 492 Date : 2022-05-26 10:37:24 Division: International Cooperation Division

PPS Administrator Lee on Visit to KBIZ 

PPS’ 37th Administrator Lee Jong-wook made an official visit to KBIZ(Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business) and discussed measures to support SMEs through public procurement.

 사진 1_중기중앙회 방문

PPS Administrator Lee (third from the left) met up with Mr.Kim Ki-mun, Chairman of KBIZ (third from the right) to discuss ways to support SMEs through public procurement. 

The PPS Administrator said, “PPS will support struggling SMEs and ventures hit hard by Covid-19 and globally soaring inflation by providing stepping stones for a leap and ensuring a fairer pricing system in public procurement,” adding “So, it will always stay open to communication with SMEs, working closely with KBIZ on major issues.”

KBIZ Chair Kim Ki-mun, “PPS is ‘the last bastion’ to support SMEs to be connected to sales channels. Hopefully, both KBIZ and PPS will come up with substantial measures by closely working together through active dialogue and discussion.”

Administrator Lee also visited the Korea Venture Business Association and discussed measures to bridging technologically promising startups and ventures to procurement markets in their early stage of growth.