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The 2021 Online Awarding Ceremony for G-PASS Designation
Writer : 신지형 Read : 1191 Date : 2021-04-08 13:42:22 Division: International Cooperation Division

The 2021 Online Awarding Ceremony for G-PASS Designation

On  March 29, the Public Procurement Service (Administrator Kim Chungwoo) held the online awarding ceremony for designation of *G-PASS companies


*G-PASS(Government Performance ASSured) companies are SMEs designated by PPS based on quality of products, technological levels, etc. for assisting them in entering overseas procurement markets

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Among the 67 companies designated in the first half of this year are enterprises that with outstanding technologies manufacture face masks, diagnostic kits, AI-based fire extinguishers, immunity diagnostics, etc., all of which are on high demand from foreign markets.


“PPS is to increase the number of G-PASS companies to 1,000 in 2021” said Administrator Kim, adding “PPS will back export in preparation of normalization of transaction environments in the post COVID-19 days”