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Subject PPS, launching buyer-proposed innovation procurement project
Writer 박혜진 Date 2020-05-12 Read 127
Division International Cooperation Division

PPS has fully launched a buyer-proposed innovation procurement project.

Twenty one proposals are selected as innovative solutions to be purchased through the project. The submission of the proposal is due by the end of May.

PPS launched this procurement project called “the 2020 Buyer-proposed Innovation Procurement”, in order to widen windows for demand-supply matching between public buyers and innovative suppliers.

The idea of the project comes from a new type of innovation procurement where a public entity proposes a challenging area to take on, and a supplier suggests available solutions. Any innovative solutions selected through the innovation evaluation are put on the priority list to be purchased through the PPS budgets, and public entities that proposed ideas would be first users of the innovative solutions. The suppliers of these solutions gain opportunities to sell to the government.


PPS selected 21 proposals out of 157 submitted by public entities. The participating suppliers need to come up with available, innovative solutions by the end of May. Those solutions will go through the innovation evaluation and be finally decided to be purchased around July this year.


This year, PPS is going to the innovative solutions within the budget of 3.3 billion won for the pilot project and plans to scale up the budget for this project starting next year.


The details are available at ppi.g2b.go.kr.


“The government becomes a first buyer of innovative solutions that is in the pre-commercial procurement stage so that it plays a role as an enabler for public service innovation that could bring benefits for growth of innovative suppliers and welfare for the people" said PPS Administrator.


Inquiry: Jeon Yeonsoo, Deputy Director of Innovation Procurement Division (+82-42-724-7203)