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Subject PPS-KCCP, Joining Hands to Support SMEs
Writer 박혜진 Date 2019-12-16 Read 265
Division International Cooperation Division
Contents "PPS-KCCP, joining hands to support SEMs in entering the public procurement market"
MOU signed to promote cooperation between large and small- and medium-sized companies and broaden access to procurement consultation in KOPPEX (Korea Public Procurement Expo)

□ Public Procurement Service (PPS, headed by Administrator Jung Mookyung) and Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership (KCCP, headed by Chairperson Kwon Kihong) signed an MOU on December 11 for collaboration to promote win-win growth of large companies and SMEs and support them in entering the public procurement market.

“조달청-동반성장위, 중소기업 판로지원에 힘 모은다” 1

“조달청-동반성장위, 중소기업 판로지원에 힘 모은다” 2

□ The MOU promises better support of the two parties for growth of SMEs in the public procurement market.
 ○ First of all, both organizations will provide more advantages for suppliers with excellent performance. PPS offers suppliers with excellent mutual-growh indext extra points in the procurement qualification test while KCCP give preference to suppliers in the mutual-growth index review that have participated in joint projects for PPS and large companies and SMEs.
 ○ PPS will strenghten its effort of supporting SMEs with quality products in entering the market by opening more windows for persons in charge of procurement in large conglermerates to participate in propcurement consultation in KOPPEX, an annual event held by PPS for public buyers.
  ○ In addition, during the period of KOPPEX, PPS will host a briefing of cooperation for mutual growth to raise awareness of win-win growth among large companies and promote the policy for technical data retention for SMEs.

□ Administrator Jung said, "I have expections for KOPPEX scheduled to be held in April Next year in cooperation with KCCP to provide insightful ideas of growth for SMEs".

□ Chairperson Kwon also commented, "The MOU will lay a grounwork for SMEs to enter the public procurement market" emphasizing "cooperating with PPS, we will make full efforts to ensure public procurement plays a key role in supporting mutual growth."

* Inquiry: Sunghyeon Oh, Deputy Director of International Division (+82-42-724-7654)