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Subject BIM Expansion led by PPS Korea
Writer 이원호 Date 2019-08-06 Read 889
Division International Cooperation Division
Contents Leading the BIM Spread
Gradual Expansion by 2021... Screening Construction Design, Medium and Small Construction Design Included  

□ Public Procurement Service is planning to expand BIM (Build Information Modeling)* application to the pre-construction stage by 2021.
 * Building Information Modeling (BIM) : Information production and management technology derived from the process of design to maintenance by converting construction design from 2D to 3D and utilizing all data related to construction including process, and quantity in a comprehensive manner 
 ** Customized service: Service provided by PPS Korea on behalf of the ordering agency, such as planning, design, construction, and follow-up management of the facility construction for an end-user with insufficient professional employees 

 ○ In 2016, projects worth more than KRW 30 billion benefited from customized services were applied by BIM in all design stages, and projects that cost less than KRW 30 billion were limited to planning design.

□ In order to apply BIM to the design stage, BIM-based assessment is adopted in large-scale construction design bids as the customized service, to select the winning work.

 ○ Small and medium-sized works will be subject to BIM in all design stages, but a grace period will be given before implementation, taking into account the burden on businesses and the status of domestic infrastructure.

 □ In addition, technology-based bidding*, currently being limited to large-scale projects, will be expanded to smart technology construction such as BIM, and improvement of the review procedures** will be aimed to create an environment in which completed design can lead to improved construction productivity.
 * Technology-based bidding: An advanced bidding method for determining the winning bidder for a construction performance by comprehensively evaluating technologies and prices, preventing excessive competition (Turn-key, alternative bidding, technical proposal bidding)
 ** Improvement of review procedures: Establishment of assessment for items used in smart technology construction such as BIM and appointment of expert panels (temporary appointment of members in special fields other than the existing specialties)

"PPS Korea has been at the forefront of BIM spread initiative to innovate the construction industry and improve productivity, and will support government policies more effectively by creating a sustainable environment," said Je Eon Jeong, Director General of Construction Works Bureau.

□ Meanwhile, PPS Korea hosted a kick-off meeting for 'BIM Working Group', comprised of experts in government, public institutions, academia and industry, at the Seoul regional office on July 30, to implement the BIM expansion plan in a systematic manner.

건설정보모델링<BIM> 확산 이끈다
(Director General - Mr. Je Eon Jeong, Construction Works Bureau)

Inquiry: Mr. Seo-jin Nam (Deputy Director at Construction Project Planning Division) at 82-42-724-7418