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Subject On-Site Meeting with Ventures and Start-ups in the Gwangju Region
Writer 이원호 Date 2019-06-26 Read 549
Division International Cooperation Division
Contents - PPS Administrator, On-Site Meeting with Start-ups and Venture Companies in Gwangju and South Jeolla Province to Support Sales

- Participating Firms, Required Enhanced Promotion of Venture Nara and Support of Test-Bed Project for Innovative Products

- Discussed Ways of Local Economy Improvement During Visit to the Gwangju Metropolitan Market


In the afternoon of June 21 (Friday) at the Gwangju Techno Park in northern Gwangju,PPS Administrator hosted an on-site meeting with 13 member companies from the Gwangju & Jeonnam Venture Business Association, including those from Gwangju and South Jeolla Province, to discuss ways to boost the local economy.

조달청장, 광주·전남지역 창업·벤처기업 판로지원 현장 간담회 1

조달청장, 광주·전남지역 창업·벤처기업 판로지원 현장 간담회 2

The meeting was designed to understand the difficulties that start-ups and venture companies have to perform in the public procurement market, and to discuss the sources of sales of innovative products such as test-best project of innovative products purchase with venture countries.

Participating companies called for strengthening public relations of Venture Nara products, supporting marketplaces and ▲ fully implementing test-best projects for innovative products, and simplifying certification and procedures when registering Government Supply Products.

"As an outcome of PPS's active implementation of innovative procurement policies, such as revitalization of Venture Nara, which were proposed at a meeting with start-ups and venture companies in the first half of this year, purchasing performance on Venture Nara has reached around KRW 10 billion, twice as much as in the same period last year." said PPS Administrator. "We will actively implement innovative procurement policies to secure more stable sales channels for start-up and venture businesses.", he continued.

PPS Administrator then visited the City Hall, located in the western part of Gwangju Metropolitan City, and discussed ways to revitalize the local economy, including support sales of venture and start-ups, with Mayor Lee Yong-seop.

□ In the morning, Administrator visited Gwangju Veterans' Hospital* in Gwangju City, to express his respect and gratitude to the people of national merits and their families and deliver an ex gratia payment.

조달청장, 광주·전남지역 창업·벤처기업 판로지원 현장 간담회 3

조달청장, 광주·전남지역 창업·벤처기업 판로지원 현장 간담회 4
* Gwangju Veterans' Hospital is a 580-bed medical institution established to provide medical treatment and rehabilitation services for national merit and their families. Some 490 patients are receiving hospital treatment

* Inquiry: Mr. Hwankyeong Kim, Assistant Director at PPS Gwangju Regional Office