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You can view all the Korean public agencies' international bid invitations registered on Korea ON-line E-Procurement System(KONEPS) according to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA)

As for international bid solicitations registered with GePS prior to September 3th, 2004, you may not be able to check the name of the goods and the construction projects to be procured in addition to the summary notice in English

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Invitation No 20180102444 - 00
Commodity UNIST Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Bid Due Date - Publication Date 2018-01-04 10:21
Opening Date
2018-02-02 16:30
Bidding Method
bid on the spot Estimated Cost - (USD)
Bid Summary 20180102444-00_1515028907221_Commodity Description.hwp
Bid Document 20180102444-00_1515028693432_2. 단일규격사유서.pdf
20180102444-00_1515028693436_3. 외국산 기자재 시장조사서.pdf
20180102444-00_1515028693439_4. 용도설명서.hwp

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Concerned Office Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology Phone +82-052-217-1262
Email Address smcha@unist.ac.kr

· Bid summary of previously tender notice
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20180102444 - 00 20180102444-00_1515028907221_Commodity Description.hwp