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Subject Inauguration of the 36th PPS Administrator
Writer 신지형 Date 2020-11-02 Read 156
Division International Cooperation Division

Inauguration of the 36th PPS Administrator, Mr. Kim, Chungwoo



Emphasized 4 major agenda including innovation-oriented public procurement and the procurement environment of co-prosperity and cooperation


Mr. Kim Chungwoo took office as the 36th administrator of the Public Procurement Service(PPS) on the 2nd of November, 2020


The new administrator delivered his inauguration speech without holding a ceremony, considering the COVID-19 pandemic.


Administrator Kim indicated the new public procurement directions to actively tackle the rapidly changing environment around government procurement such as the 4th Industrial Revolution and COVID-19. In this regard, he proposed 4 major innovation directions:


   ○  △ Shifting from purchase for the lowest price to a procurement regime to guarantee fair prices for goods and services
        Centering on strategic purchase of innovative products beyond purchase of general commercial   goods
        △ Moving from perfunctory procurement operation to securing substantial equality in opportunity, process and results 
        △ Realizing social and environmental values in public procurement rather than focusing disproportionately on efficient and economic ones


To that end, he specified innovation-oriented public procurement establishment of the procurement environment filled with co-prosperity and cooperation‘Digital First’ policies and abolishment of unnecessary regulations



Administer Kim added “Built on the success of procurement administration over the past 70 years, we all need to be more innovative and flexible to ensure another 70 years of advanced procurement“


For that to happen, he pointed out horizontal and open organizational culture seamless communication between suppliers and public entities field-centered procurement administration


Administer Kim entered the officialdom after passing the 40th High Civil Service Exam and then served as a director of Public Contract and Procurement Policy Division of the Ministry of Economy and Finance(MOEF) and a professor of the Business Administration Department of Sejong University, after which he worked as a policy maker (the city of Gunpo in Gyeonggi-do province) and a coordinator for the Strategy and Finance Committee at the 20th National Assembly


Well-versed at national finance, he has accumulated a wide variety of experience and knowledge in administrative, academic and legislative circles. Thus, Administer Kim is said to be the person fit for major procurement innovation areas including All New KONEPS and public procurement of innovative solutions


Administrator Kim, as a member of the 20th National Assembly, demonstrated his strong interest in innovative solutions in government procurement by playing a leading role in putting on the floor the general revision of the Government Procurement Act(’20.3.31. the general revision, ’20.10.1. enforcement).