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Subject Emergency Procurement Guidelines for Relief Supplies
Writer 박혜진 Date 2020-08-18 Read 641
Division International Cooperation Division

PPS provides support for cleanup in affected areas and enables prompt purchase of disease prevention and relief supplies. It also lifts burdens on suppliers battered by torrential rain.


PPS has decided to temporarily implement emergency procurement guidelines for the next two months as of July 13, in order to support cleanup in areas affected by torrential downpours.


The guidelines would allow the central procurement agency to expedite purchasing of constructions materials and disease prevention goods that need for the recovery such as ready-mixed concrete, asphalt concrete and steel bar.


First of all, the procurement process will be simplified and streamlined.


The bidding notification period will be reduced from 7-40 days to 5 days, and the entire procurement process will be further shortened by making the full use of direct contracting.


The products registered in the KONEPS Online Shopping Mall can be purchased without going through the second stage competition, which leads to quick delivery to the sites.


For disease prevention goods such as face masks and pesticide, the delivery inspection that generally takes 1-2 weeks will be exempted to ensure prompt supply for public entities.


Second of all, the suppliers battered by flood will be provided support regarding contract performance.


PPS will exempt the affected from paying compensation of deferment or reduce the amount, and if necessary, extend the delivery deadlines.


In addition, the suppliers that are not able to fulfill a contract will not be given disadvantages such as retrieval of contract deposit or restriction of bid participation.


At the same time, since June, PPS has made all-out efforts to prevent possible disasters against rainy season in 30 large construction sites throughout the country.


The safety measures in preparation for typhoon and downpour will be reinforced by setting up emergency contact network on site, allocating emergency workers depending on weather conditions, etc.


PPS Administrator Jung Mookyung said “we will mobilize every possible resource to recover all the areas hit by flooding and landslides, and ensure safety and disease prevention activities in the affected area.”

Inquiry: Lim Younghoon, Chief Deputy Director of Planning & Finance