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Subject Hosting 2018 PPS-EEC Public Procurement Workshop: e-Procurement & Procurement Policies
Writer 이원호 Date 2018-10-19 Read 468
Division International Cooperation Division
Contents Hosting 2018 PPS-EEC Public Procurement Workshop: e-Procurement & Procurement Policies
Promotion of KONEPS, Procurement Cooperation, and Business Opportunities for Korean SMEs
Comprised of Five Member COuntries to Eurasian Economic Commission

□ PPS Korea is expected to host the first 2018 PPS-EEC Public Procurement Workshop: e-Procurement & Procurement Policies with about 70 high-ranking officials and procurement specialists from five member countries to the Eurasian Economic Commission including the Deputy Minister of the Russian Ministry of Finance on Septeber 11-13 at the PPS Seoul regional office.  

*Eurasian Economic Commission(EEC): Comprised of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan, in charge of integration of economic policies and implementation  

 ○ This workshop was initiated based on PPS's proposal at the EEC conference in 2016. The attention to this event grows as the significance of the Eurasian region is economically gaining ground.    

□ PPS Korea is planning to strategically promote KONEPS to EEC member countries, in particular, Belarus with keen interest in KONEPS, throughout the workshop.   
 ○ In addition, Russia and Kazakhstan will be presenting about their procurement markets to G-PASS companies. 
   *G-PASS Companies : Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) designated by PPS as excellent firms with good products and technologies to support their performance in overseas procurement markets.  
 ○ The network with the Eurasian procurement-related entities will be strengthened so that Korean firms can have more opportunities to perform in the Eurasian region.
□ PPS Administrator stressed the Eurasian countries as "important partners", and expressed his expectation on the workshop "as a venue for Korean firms to have more business opportunities in the region" in his welcoming remarks.