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제목 Inauguration of Vice Administrator at PPS Korea
작성자 Web master 등록일 2018-01-10 조회수 729
Division International Cooperation Division
내용 Inauguration of Vice Administrator, Ms. Kyungsoon Chang
First Female Vice Administrator..."Procurement Expert" via 30 Year-Working Experience in Construction

□ Administrator at the PPS Seoul regional office, Ms. Kyungsoon Chang, was inaugurated as Vice Administrator of the PPS headquarters on Jan. 10, 2018.

□ Newly inaugurated, Vice Administrator - Ms. Chang (22nd Public Administration Examination), is recognized as "Procurement Policy Expert" for her 30-year service at PPS in fields of construction, commodity stockpiling, international cooperation, and financial planning since 1987.

□ Ms. Chang had been viewed as honest, outgoing, and unbiased in treating people while being in posts of director (first female director at PPS), director general, administrator at the Seoul regional office.  
  ○ During her term as Director General at the International Goods Bureau, she introduced commodity rental system · PPP Joint stockpiling system combined with derivatives, and optimalized storing and releasing of domestic stockpiled commodities. In addition, market exploration teams were dispatched to GSA Expo, Peru, and Costa Rica as efforts to assist Korean firms in advancing into overseas markets. 
  ○ While being in a post as Administrator at the PPS Seoul regional office, she solved an issue of remicon supply through negotiations with stakeholders and secured quality and safety in costruction via review of appropriateness in total construction budgets, and safety monitoring system.

□ Vice Administrator, Ms. Chang, was with Colorado University for a master's and Ph.D in Construction Project Management and obtained work-related certificates such as A.P(Associated Person), and CIPM (Certified International Purchasing Manager).

*Inquiry: Deputy Director, Changhoon Han, from General Service Division (042-724-7017)